Global visual communication campaign for the SEIZE12 cosmetics brand.

SEIZE12 is a brand of soaps and cosmetics. The products are handcrafted in France with organic and natural ingredients.

The visual identity of the brand, like museum signage, is sober and refined in order to highlight the works and collaborations. It also allows soaps to be placed as works of art. It consists of a single typography, Agrandir, which has some originalities, particularly in its lowercase letters.

The SEIZE12 logo is in regular version and in capital letters to reinforce its visual impact. There is no separation between Seize and 12 to create two related entities in one. The two numbers are distinguished by their writing, in letters then in figures. This allows these two numbers to be united, without adding any symbol or space.

The pattern and the packaging of the soap packaging were imagined and designed by us. One side of each packaging is reserved for the works of the painter Romain Froquet who is in collaboration with the brand. To stay within the ethic of the brand, we have favored the use of recycled card stock.

The site design was produced by Studio Ouchka and coded by the Azuweb agency.